As a teenager, Fran wanted to be a Spice Girl. Now she’s 44 – and she still does. Drifting through a life of middle aged mundanity Fran accidentally joins a music group of, if not Spice Girls, at least Well Seasoned Women. They don’t know if they can sing or dance, but they’re sure they have Girl Power, whatever that is.

As unlikely friendships grow, even less likely careers in pop seem tantalisingly close. As real life nips at their heels, will they stay free of its grasp long enough to live their dreams?

Funny and poignant in equal doses, “Really Really Want” examines the joys and pains of hope, freedom and friendship. It is a celebration of womanhood and midlife.

Review of Preview Show at York Theatre Royal Nov 2016

The original songs were witty and topical…had an immediate connection with the audience. The performance was full of fun with moments of pure joy. There is no doubt people surely left feeling better about life…There is huge potential for it to go far. ‘Unknown Magazine’

Audience Reviews of Preview Show

C Dowling – Really Really Want

Thanks for all the tears and laughter, fab night!

W Miller – Really Really Want

Fantastic tonight! Wonderful, really enjoyed it. Well done all.

R Nanavati – Really Really Want

This show must go on.

S Black – Really Really Want

Great concept, brilliant show.

C Wright – Really Really Want

Brilliant and very funny.

N Clark – Really Really Want

Absolutely brilliant show.  It was so entertaining and very funny . Loved it, could watch it again.

Fiona W – Really Really Want

Fabulous, full of humour and sadness, catchy songs, inspiring theme. Loved it.

Paul O – Really Really Want

Wow!! Loved it!