Welcome to the home of Really Really Want, a music theatre production written by sisters Lisa Baker and Catherine Cowan. It previewed at York Theatre Royal in November 2016 and is currently in further development for an upcoming tour.

Its a musical tale about a group of middle-aged women who find themselves increasingly imprisoned by work, relationships, their own inner voices and drawers full of control underwear. Together they come to the only logical solution – form a girl band! You can be anything you want to be, or so we’re all told. But does that kind of freedom really exist at their age, in our age?


Lisa and Catherine are experienced writers and performers. They write songs of all genres and previously penned The Fallen Angel Show, a music theatre piece performed at venues around the north of England and at the Edinburgh Festival. Fringe Review called it ‘a magical hour of music theatre’ (Paul Levy).

The aim of their work is always to inspire people to live a life that fully fits their values.  They draw attention to some of the ways in which people can be held back, provoke them into recognising their awesome potential and strengthen their self belief in order to fulfil it.